Happy New Year! And more doodles

Hi everyone!

Happy 2018! It’s a fresh new year and I have lots of sewing plans, for my shop and for my own wardrobe! And of course I’ll keep doodling and bullet journaling 🙂

LogoLicious_20180113_001014Speaking of doodles, it’s time to catch up on the last couple of weeks! The holidays were pretty busy, buying gifts, spending time with family and friends, and making orders for my shop.


These are the Christmas doodles, I drew some of the gifts I received. I’m a big fan of Star Wars and the Batman Arkham games! We also got some new board games to try.


Mark and I spent a long weekend with friends for New Years. It was a lot of fun, we spent many hours on games and watching darts, and enjoyed a few drinks together.


The last full day in the cabin we played a big 1 vs 1 Fifa tournament (there were 5 participants), but it got suspended as we watched the PDC world championships darts. When we got home I was very happy to see my cat again 🙂 I spent 4 days setting up an inventory system for my shop, measuring all my fabrics and counting all the supplies, then entering the information in Excel. I was going completely stir crazy, so on Sunday we went on a long 10km hike to get some fresh air!

If you enjoy doodles and journaling, check out my Instagram account @dayzeesbujo!

Thanks for stopping by!


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