Board games!

Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoyed wonderful holidays last week! Mark and I spent time with both our families, and some of our friends. Apparently we’ve been good this year, because Santa gifted us some additions for our board game collection šŸ˜Š


First we got two expansion packsĀ for Machi Koro, this is a favourite amongst our friends! It’s anĀ easy to learn, fast-paced card game. Your goal is to develop your city and be the first to build 4 landmarks. You have to plan strategically and you need some luck rolling the dice. The game has several options to annoy your friends too šŸ˜ Read the review on boardgamegeek by clicking the link above!


TheĀ second one has been on my wish list for quite some time! Ticket to Ride is a very popular game by Days of Wonder, and there are several variations out there.Ā It’s easy to learn and fast-paced, making it a great casual game. Your goal is to connect the cities on the mission cards you received, by completing parts of the track with your trains. But don’t be too obvious about where you’re going, because the other players might try to stop you!


TheĀ third game is Istanbul by White Goblin Games. I only played it once but I really enjoyed this economic strategy game. Click the link above to read a review on boardgamegeek.

There’s hustle and bustle at Istanbul’s grand bazaar as merchants and their assistants rush through the narrow alleys in their attempt to be more successful than their competitors. Everything must be well organized: wheelbarrows must be filled with goods at the warehouses, then swiftly transported by the assistants to various destinations. Your goal? Be the first merchant to collect a certain number of rubies.

What are your favourite board games?