A week in doodles 48/17

Hi everyone!

In November I started with a monthly doodle/lettering memories page. Two weeks in I decided to make it a weekly page in a new notebook, so I have a little more room 🙂


Highlights last week were visiting my friends and their newborn, finally hemming and wearing my first me-made camisole, and my chocolate galore Milka advent calendar! Of course I did finish the monthly pages I started, here they are:


Last month we watched the second season of Stranger Things, absolutely love it but WHYYY did they only make nine episodes!! It was way too short 😦

I spent a lot of time sewing and also got a bunch of new patterns to make some clothes for myself. I’ll share my first camisole on the blog soon 🙂

And I surprised myself by actually finishing a game! I received Uncharted 4 for my birthday in October, and as I was playing it, there were several references to the previous games. I’ve owned Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 for years and I was convinced I had played all of them. After a glance through my trophy list, it turns out I only finished Uncharted 3. So I had to go back to the first game and finish it! 🙂

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A week in doodles 47/17

Before I started my bullet journal, I kept journals off and on over the years. I used notebooks and planners for journaling, photo’s, doodles and mementos. Nowadays my bullet journal pages are quite minimalistic and to the point. I love looking at people’s illustrated journals though, and realised that I miss that aspect of keeping a notebook. But I don’t want my to-do’s and important information to get lost in between doodles and decorations. So I got a new notebook for some sketch journaling and lettering 🙂 Here’s the first page!



Here’s my latest weekly set-up in my bullet journal. I love having a clear overview and using a little bit of colour 🙂



How do you use your journal? Do you prefer a clean look or do you decorate your pages?



Bella Italia

It’s getting a bit darker outside, but this bullet journal case will surely brighten your day! The bright print on sturdy canvas reminds of beautiful Italy with a retro vibe. The case holds up to two A5 journals and features an inner pocket for pens, stickers, washis etc. Check it out at the Etsy store for more photo’s and information!

Daydreaming of beautiful Italy!

Studio update: summer sale!

Hi everyone!

Are you counting down to your summer vacation? Or already preparing for the new school year? Either way, it’s the perfect time to get some new necessities! We have a summer sale going so treat yourself to a new make-up bag for your travels or a pencil case for a fresh start 🙂

During the sale you’ll get a 15% discount on all items in the category “zippered bags and pouches” in our Etsy store! Valid until August 20th, while stock lasts, so grab em while you can! 🙂


Luxurious make-up pouches with shimmering bronze faux-leather



Studio update: colourful tote bags

Hi everyone!

Spring is almost here! It makes me think of flowers, markets and fresh colours 🙂 I’ve added a new category to my shop today with colourful tote bags featuring these delicious prints!


They are available in three different colour combinations: fresh blue/green, lovely pink/red and retro red/orange. Which one will you pick?

Bullet Journal inspiration: cats

Hi everyone!

It’s weekend! The perfect time for journaling, setting up your new week and making plans 🙂 Today I’m sharing this post with some bullet journal inspiration from around the web, with a special theme: cats!

The first page in my journal is reserved for my sweet ginger cat!

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Lyriclettering: the Beach Boys

Hi all!

If you’re into bullet journaling like me, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of posts on Instagram and Pinterest featuring beautiful hand lettering! I’ve been wanting to give it a try as well, but I’m not really the type of person to write down quotes from books and movies. However, I do love music and often hear phrases in the lyrics that stick with me!


Last week I was invited to the theater to see a tribute to the Beach Boys’ album Pet Sounds. It was performed by various artists, most of them giving their own twist to the songs. Back home I got on Spotify and listened to the original songs. I do know them all, I just never heard the entire album in one go!

For this page I chose to letter the phrase that stood out to me most. It’s from the song “I know there’s an answer” by the Beach Boys, 1966.

What are you listening to this week?

Photo collage poster made with an app

My boyfriend and I went on an amazing road trip cruising the USA a few months ago. It was a vacation to remember, and we took tons of pictures along with a fat travel journal! Back home I conquered the daunting task of sorting the photo’s, and made this photo collage poster as a Christmas gift. It looks absolutely stunning, the quality is amazing and the colours are spot on! I used a print service app on my phone to order it, and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! The poster features 35 pictures, so I was able to use 2 or 3 photo’s from each day of our trip.


The app I used is called LALALAB, I used it several times to have pictures printed from my phone. Below you can see an example how I used them in a photo album. My personal favourite is the polaroid size! I also love making collages for printed photo’s, to use in photo albums as well as in my bullet journal.


It’s easy to use, great quality, and they often have discount coupons. They also offer a cashback program, with each order you receive 10% in credits.

If you’d like to try LALALAB, please use my referral code PGKGTM66 to receive €5 in credits!

Which photo print service do you use?

*Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with LALALAB in any way, this is my personal opinion of their products.*